/What to read if there is no book.
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What to read if there is no book.

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Fun fact: This is my first article written in English. Feel free to comment or feedback after this 🙂

I like to read, alot! I read book(of course), I read magazine, I read news, I read pamphlet, signboard. For me, there is no nonsense text. Every written text has its own purpose. One of it is to communicate. No matter what information it try to conveys.

Something odds…

However, I notice something odds. I rarely read any hard physical book lately. What about you? You still read physical books?

I have quite a number of books in my bookshelf collecting dust. From time to time, I read some then throw it back onto the self. I hardly can find the time to sit down for a while and spend an hour or so reading the book.

Why this is happening?

So, I started to diagnose (if i say so myself) the situation. Why I don’t read book that much anymore compare to my teenage life? However, I still love books. I enjoy spending time in a bookstore or a local library flipping through some good books or magazine. But, during my free time, I don’t read the book anymore.

I found out that most of the time I am in front of a screen, be it a smart phone screen, laptop monitor or desktop monitor. I still read most of the time. Just not a hard physical book. I constantly searching and read news and anything new in any topic that I care about such as technology, photography and news.

I constantly needs to know and read the most updated relevant information or knowledge

So, books, most of the time unable to provide that. 

What most people do…

Set a block of time in a day to read the books. Right now, I am in the process of getting back into the habit of reading physical book like I used to before.

Internet or any digital form of reading(audiobooks, ebooks, etc..) won’t replace books.

The experience and pleasure of flipping paper won’t be depreciated anytime soon. Books still worth reading. In the future, we might not read using a hard monitor/screen anymore. Even now, we can read just only by listening to the book(i.e audiobooks).

So, that wont replace books anytime soon.


So, go ahead what works for you. It does not matter which medium you choose.

Read more. Read more useful information. We are wise enough whether what we read is useful for us or not.

After all, book or not, it just a medium that has information in it. Its on you to read it and to extract the information from it.


Syed Akmal

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash